Festung Kufstein

Kufstein Fortress is a jewel in the Tyrolean lowlands and a landmark of the district capital Kufstein. Owned by the bishops of Regensburg, the fortress was first mentioned in documents in 1205. Subsequently, the property was shared with the Bavarian dukes.

From 1313, the castle was a Regensburg fiefdom of the Dukes of Bavaria. In 1415, Duke Ludwig the Bearded strengthened the fortifications. In 1504 Emperor Maximilian I besieged and conquered Kufstein and had the castle rebuilt and expanded into a fortress.

In the 17th century, the complex was extended. In 1703 and 1805 the Bavarians conquered the fortress, which was Austrian again from 1814.

Seit 1924 ist sie im Besitz der Stadt Kufstein. 1996 wurde die gesamte Anlage an die Top-City-Kufstein GmbH (jetzt Festung Kufstein GmbH) verpachtet, die hier seit 2009 das RITTER-FEST mit dem Organisator Christian Domeier veranstaltet.


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