Questions about the Ritter-Fest Kufstein

  • How do I get to the Ritter-Fest?

    For up-to-date information on how to get there by car and train, please visit Journey / Parking

  • Where can I stay overnight?

    It is not possible to stay overnight at the fortress. You can find overnight accommodation under Accommodation.

  • Are dogs allowed at the RITTER-FEST?

    Dogs are welcome here, as long as they are kept on a leash. Your four-legged friend will receive fresh water at the fortress tavern. However, dogs are not allowed in the museum. Also, please keep in mind that there are many visitors, and it can get noisy at times. You know your dog best.

  • Do I have to buy the tickets in advance?

    No - there will always be enough tickets at the box office for you to go to RITTER-FEST.

  • Do I have to come in medieval / fantasy attire?

    No - of course not. Every visitor is welcome. Experience shows that most visitors come in "civilian clothes".

  • Can I come in medieval / fantasy attire?

    A clear: YES. Many insiders and friends of the medieval/fantasy scene come in costume. If you enjoy history, don't hesitate. Of course, costumed visitors also receive a small discount on admission with us. It's important, though, that it's evident you've put effort into it. Just a hat and a cloak don't count as a costume 🙂

  • Do people dressed in medieval garb get a discount on admission?

    Yes. Because we are loyal to the medieval/fantasy scene - just as the medieval/fantasy scene is loyal to us. Just a small gesture of gratitude.

  • When will the programme (finally) be available?

    The programme for the people will be posted on this website approximately one week before the festival begins and will of course be handed out to all visitors in printed form.

  • Is there an ATM / cash machine at the fortress?

    No. However, most merchants as well as the fortress gastronomy accept card payment, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

  • Is the Ritter-Fest barrier-free?

    Basically yes - although the fortress complex was built on a steep rock. To get to the fortress, use the panorama lift at the main entrance. From there there is also a special lift to the gastronomy in the castle garden and the local history museum. There are also toilets here. Please contact our colleagues in the catering department if you need help. From here, your journey through the Knights' Festival is exclusively downhill. You will first come to the Red Dragon Tavern, the Elisabeth Battery and the War Powder Magazine. Feel free to linger here for a while, enjoying exciting knight fights, colourful lansquenet camps and a little refreshment. Now pass a small market area and descend into the shady herb garden where jugglers and many other attractions await you. The last stop on your visit is the large Josefsburg (fortress arena) with the main stage. There is a barrier-free toilet here, please also contact our colleagues here. For the way home, use the Kaiserjägerweg, which always takes you safely downhill back to Kufstein.

  • Can I come with the pram?

    Yeah, sure. Gladly. If necessary, see the section on barrier-free access for the easy way through the Ritter Fest.

  • Is there a discount for XYZ?

    In general, all prices are very transparent on this website. For special enquiries regarding groups, etc., please contact the Kufstein Fortress ticket office directly, telephone +43 5372 66525.

  • Does my ticket allow re-entry? / Can I quickly go down to the valley to my car? / ...to the ATM?

    In principle, re-entry with the ticket is not possible due to the terms and conditions of Kufstein Fortress. However, if the crowds are not overwhelming and you have a friendly word with the ticket personnel BEFORE leaving the fortress, exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis. Please note that this FAQ does not guarantee this outcome.

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